Hey, y’all! 👋🏻 I’m Stacey.

I help your company harness the power of generative AI.

★ Streamline your operations

★ Empower your employees

★ Leapfrog your competition

When you get past the AI noise, it's simple.

Everything is suddenly AI-powered, and everyone has an opinion: "The future is now!" "Adopt AI or perish!" "Wait, what? Is AI coming for my job?" "Is this the end of humanity?" "OMG, Skynet!"

Once you strip away all the buzzwords and fog, it's not that complicated. AI isn't inherently good or bad, it's just a powerful tool.

Especially when you know how to use it.

Scary robot hand

Being AI-powered
can give you an edge.

With a little guidance, your entire staff can leverage generative AI every day to:

✓ save countless hours
✓ be more creative
✓ drive growth
✓ gain skills

That's a workforce multiplier.

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Learning AI doesn't have to be intimidating.

When I started working with AI in 2019, I already had decades of advanced tech experience — and even I felt overwhelmed. So. Many. Possibilities.

But you don't have to learn everything to reap benefits, and neither do your people. That's why I help you focus on small actions with big impact.

Empowering your organization can be a snap.

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You can put AI to work in three easy steps.


Pick your program.

Choose AI Quickstart to master the basics or Momentum Builder for a deeper dive.


Train your team.

Meet on Zoom for your AI power session. Get practical knowledge and apply it quickly.


Put AI to work.

Watch with glee as your people unlock new levels of productivity, creativity, and growth with AI.

Just pick your program and check out with Stripe.

I customize every program to focus on your business goals. Lessons are short, simple, practical, and immediately actionable. Go from uninformed to AI-savvy with AI Quickstart, get the team into action quickly with AI Momentum Builder, and get follow-up help anytime after your initial program with AI Hotline.
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AI Quickstart

Demystify AI and get your team up to speed with a one-hour power session.
$500 per person (10 minimum)

AI momentum builder icon
AI Momentum Builder

Get a half-day intensive program plus one follow-up session two weeks later.
$1k per person (10 minimum)

Lifesaver icon
AI Hotline

Get quick follow-up help after another program in a 30-minute Zoom meeting.
$500 per person

Here’s what some of my clients say on LinkedIn.

(They also give me fun nicknames like Yoda, The Oracle, and Great Gazoo.)

I thought I had my website and marketing figured out until I met Stacey. Minutes into our first zoom call, I was sure that I needed her expertise. We have several meetings, and each time, she listened and asked pertinent questions. The results were an excellent wireframe for my website. I could not have asked for a better experience.
As the saying goes, you don't know what you don't know. I highly recommend Stacey, my new and improved website - is a game-changer. Thank you, Stacey.

Photo of Aaron Buchanan.
Anthony Miner
CEO, Bonsai Kids Hair Care

I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey on multiple projects over the past decade. She has always brought an immense amount of skill as on-call CTO and business strategist for the multiple start-ups I was involved with or consulted for. I have used her on half a dozen major web development projects.
I've recommended Stacey to many companies I've worked with over the years and continue to do so.

Photo of Robert Hawthorne.
Robert Hawthorne

I have worked with Stacey for over 20 years and she has never ceased to amaze me. On complex projects that no one else could tackle, she came through every time, beyond my expectations. Stacey is one of the most gifted and talented designers I have ever known and her technical acumen is beyond belief. Her level of ability in business planning, strategy and financial modeling is the equivalent a Harvard PhD. If you are fortunate to have Stacey on your team, especially in its early stages, the gods have smiled upon you.

Photo of Laura Wagner.
Laura Wagner
Founder, Digitzs

I've worked with big brands and small ones.

Here are a few clients and customers from the past 34 years. Check out my archive site for more.

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You can hear me on these podcast episodes.

Get tips on discovering what your customers really want, simplifying complex websites, and saving time with AI.

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If you need special expertise, I’ve got it.

I’m more certified than a vault of diamonds.

  • Certified Value Builder Advisor

  • LeanStack Certified Coach

  • StoryBrand Certified Guide

  • Level C Certified Brand Specialist

  • Market Opportunity Navigator Certified Consultant

  • Certified Motivation Code Practitioner

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

  • AWS Certified Security Specialty











In case you’re wondering...

A polymath is someone who is an expert in multiple fields.

Because it brings me joy.

Operating in a niche makes marketing straightforward, and it takes less effort to become known for something. That’s why each of my brands is in a niche. I’m known for being a polymath entrepreneur, so it makes sense for me to have multiple brands in different niches.

If I did only one thing, I would be a miserable person.

1. It makes me laugh.
2. We are living in a WTF world.
3. The URL is short and unique. That makes it memorable and easy to type.
4. My clients often feel like “😱 WTF!” about their projects when they come to me for help.
5. Some people say “🙄 WTF?” and are skeptical that I’m good at all the things I do.

It only takes one project with me for anyone to go from WTF to OMG!

Go from 😱WTF to 🤩OMG!

Don't be a stranger.

I’ll say hi when I have something exciting or interesting to share — once every month or two.

Stacey, the Polymath
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